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Camille Richman and Daniel Goodman were working together at MIT when they founded HAMAMA. They wanted to create a world where anyone can grow and eat fresh food. Using their experience as MIT engineers, they invented some ingenious home growing kits which allow people to easily grow fresh, healthy food right in their own homes.

Working with Wayflyer has allowed them to reduce their stress around cash flow and to expand their growth ambitions, - they've grown 3x year on year! Using Wayflyer’s funding has made sure they always have enough stock to meet demand and never leave a sale on the table. With this help from Wayflyer, they are bringing fresh, healthy food to more and more people every month.

This is their story.

The seed of an idea

At MIT, Camille and Daniel were studying mechanical engineering and shared a passion for making a positive impact in people’s lives. After graduating, they were working together in MIT’s Media Lab where they were researching high-tech indoor agriculture, specifically, how to grow food, easily, inside. They were constantly experimenting with growing food indoors and it got them thinking; “What if people had a system to easily grow healthy food for themselves at home?”.

They used their expertise in indoor agriculture to create an ingenious set of HAMAMA Seed Quilts and Grow Kits. Using one of these kits, anyone can grow their own healthy food at home.

After launching HAMAMA, Camille and Danielle watched as demand for their products exploded.  People loved being able to get fresh, delicious, healthy food right at their fingertips!

The challenges of growth

For the past 2 years, HAMAMA have been growing quickly. But like most fast growing companies, there were some challenges along the way. In particular, planning for busy periods was always a challenge; “Q4 is a stressful time cashflow wise”, says Camille - a very common story for eCommerce companies.

Camille started working with Wayflyer in 2020 after hearing about how Wayflyer could help take away some of the stress of managing cash flow during busy periods. Using Wayflyer’s funding, they were able to purchase inventory leading up to Q4, ensuring they had enough stock to meet all of the demand that they expected. More importantly, this extra inventory made sure they were not leaving any sales on the table.

Reducing the stress of Q4

It also helped reduce the stress of managing cash flow during these busy periods. This gave Camille and Daniel time to focus on other aspects of their business; “Wayflyer helped us get through Q4 with a bit less stress”, says Camille.

YoY Sales Growth

Support from Wayflyer has played a part in their business success, “we’ve grown 3x year on year”, says Camille. “Wayflyer has made more aggressive growth possible for HAMAMA, without them, I would’ve had to reconsider our growth goals entirely”.

Working with Wayflyer

Camille has also really enjoyed the experience of working with the Wayflyer team; “The team at Wayflyer are super responsive, always friendly and very patient... they worked to get our funding just right and never gave up on me.. they were always focused on making the offers work for me which was so important”.

Camille and Daniel are excited about the future of HAMAMA, and have many new products in the pipeline. They are as passionate as ever about creating a positive social impact in the world and look forward to allowing more people to grow greens and eat fresh food as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

“Wayflyer helped us get through Q4 with a lot less stress”


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